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    Take Part in the Show

    ‚ÄčMade for the child in mind & the young at heart. 

    To those who choose to believe in make-believe:

    the dream-wishers, the story-book speakers.

    To every being: 

    kid, mom, guardian, dad, performer, seeker, educator & creator

     this blog is for you. 

    enjoy the show

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    See what's taking center stage in my life right now. The many hats I wear: mom, wife, artist, director, teacher, student. The season is constantly changing around here!

    Let's go off-book!

    Be inspired through treats, design, sneak peeks, and more from some of our favorite stories from

     page, stage, and screen.

    As a theatre teacher, I always like to have a few tricks up my sleeve.

    Come see what we've managed to pull off in my classroom!

    Show Time

    a note from the director

    This site was not crafted on a whim. It was an idea that I had twiddled around with for awhile after much prodding and whisperings in my ears from my little tribe.

    As seen in the goofy picture, (<-- left) I wanted to create something that would bring me closer to my son and my craft (theatre).

    Together, we're going offstage to experience life together in BIG and artistic ways. After daydreaming a lot, we finally plugged the parts in to create Show and Tell!

    I truly believe there is something here for everyone.

    Sit back and enjoy this wild show.

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