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    director's cut

    Hi! It's Brenna, 

    I'm a teacher candidate (Go Bronchos!), young + hip* mama of the coolest little boy ever, consistent dreamer, mother of many hats (not literally, metaphorically), Pisces,

    citizen of Disney Land (circa 1960's)*, theatre enthusiast, actress,

    cinema junkie, President of the Tom Hanks Luvrs Fan Club*, nutty about children's literature (more so than any adult book I've ever read), follower of Fred Rogers forever, and Pizza Maniac.

    Anxiously awaiting Christmas Day at least 364 days a years.

    Jessica Day is my spirit animal.

    You can find me nightly, performing soapy show tunes at the Kitchen Sink.

    (occasionally, can be seen in full vehicle productions featuring ABBA)

    *: asterisks are a suggestion to the imagination (may, or may not, be true)


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